Aux Delices Foods opened its doors in 1995 and became an instant hit amongst the locals. The goal of Aux Delices Foods has always been to provide fresh, healthy, excellent foods to clientele who wanted a convenient way to eat healthily. Every meal is designed and prepared by Chef Debra Ponzek. Now, Aux Delices Foods has opened up three more locations for a total of four locations. Some of the most popular dishes that Aux Delices Foods prepares are salads. Aux Delices salads are always fresh, sourced from local farmers, and a real favorite.

Now everyone can enjoy Aux Delices salads with a few fan-favorite recipes.

Aux Delices salads have become famous for the locals lucky enough to try them but now even if you aren't a local you can make them yourself.

Orzo Salad

There are many best sellers at Aux Delices Foods, but the top seller has always been the orzo salad. Orzo salads are a very versatile side dish that works with just about any main course. You can cook an orzo salad and serve it up with everything from salmon to lamb to sandwiches. That versatility is what helps make Aux Delices orzo salad a top seller.


At Aux Delices, chef Debra Ponzek adds apricots to the salad as well as ginger oil and lemon juice. The combination makes for a great tasting salad. The ginger oil is a crucial aspect of the orzo salad at Aux Delices. In fact, Debra refers to the ginger oil as the secret ingredient.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

Brussels sprouts are not exactly the vegetable that many people reach for in the grocery store. Chef Debra Ponzek swears by a specific salad that will have you looking for fresh brussels sprouts. Visitors to Aux Delices Foods will often walk in saying they don’t like brussels sprouts and walk out with a container full of this salad. Making a raw salad is an excellent way to get as much nutrition from the ingredients as possible.


Brussels sprouts are a very healthy salad ingredient that is too often overlooked. The ingredients in this salad help bring out the great flavor while adding new ones to the brussels sprouts. Things like red wine vinegar, tart apples, and Parmesan cheese combine to make a dish that won’t last long at a party.

The Best Kale Salad

Kale has become a very popular ingredient amongst the very health conscious. However, for those not so dedicated to the health craze, kale is something you “force yourself to eat.” Luckily, raw kale can be turned into an Aux Delices Foods best seller. In fact, Debra has received more requests for the kale salad than most of her other dishes.


What is bringing people into Aux Delices Foods asking for a kale salad by name? It’s the dried fruit that has been added, almonds and most important the lemon vinaigrette. The lemon brings a familiar flavor to the kale and makes it a joy to consume. Fresh, raw kale offers numerous health benefits and now, thanks to Debra, you can now enjoy eating it in a salad.

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