When throwing the perfect holiday party one should always consider as many entertaining tips as possible. Tips are the best way to make things easier during what could be a very stressful time. Running around getting meals together, throwing decor up and ensuring cold drinks all add to the normal shopping and family stress that accompanies the holidays.

It’s best to slow down and plan things out ahead of time and follow entertaining tips where possible.

7 Tips for Stress Free Entertaining

Make-Ahead Meals

Make ahead meals are the best way to free up time when throwing a holiday party. Anything that can be done ahead of time should be done ahead of time. Plan out the menu of your event to include as many make-ahead meals as you can from appetizers to desserts.

Don’t go Overboard

When planning out your menu, be sure to keep in mind cooking space. If you don’t have a big enough oven, be sure to plan accordingly. One way to utilize your space is to spread out the cooking over a couple of days. Cook dishes that can last longer first, then go day by day. If you don’t wish to do that, you can also plan your menu to have fewer items on it that need to be cooked in the oven.

Stock Up

After you have a menu plan, stock up on the ingredients you’ll need to put the menu together. If you don’t yet have a menu plan, go with the staples of any holiday meal. Cinnamon, flour, vanilla, and sugar are all some examples of things you’ll need to cook and bake. Make sure you have these items readily available before you start cooking or baking anything.

Entertaining Tips For The Holidays

Print Outs

One way to ensure your shopping and cooking days go without a hitch, print out your recipes. Having these nearby for both days will make them easier. All the recipes you plan on using should be printed out well in advance.

Space Needed

When making meals ahead of time it is important that you have a place to store them. Before you start cooking or even shopping for ingredients, check your fridge. While doing this, you can make a list of things you have and things you need. You can also throw away expired items and make space for your meals. Take this opportunity to clean out the fridge as well, scrub it down and get it nice and clean.

Get Sharp

Knives are important to any good chef, which means they should be important to you as well. Make sure all your knives are sharpened either by you or a reputable sharpener. Having sharp knives makes for easier cooking experiences.


When hosting a holiday party, a staple is always the serving methods. Platters and dishes are a must. Go through your inventory and ensure that you have enough, also take this time to throw away cracked or broken ones. Head out to the store and buy what you may need ahead of time.

These are all a few great entertaining tips to ensure your party go off without a problem. Make ahead meals are probably your safest bet. After that, it’s all about being prepared for your party. Be sure to follow as many entertaining tips as possible, after all, you should have more fun than work. Happy holidays!

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