ImageNow that Dinnertime Survival is published and you’ve had a chance to look at it — or at least I hope you have! — it’s time for a recipe contest.


What is your favorite dinnertime recipe? What dish does your family always love, regardless of how often you make it? Is there something you are “famous” for with your friends?

chilled tomato soupsw turkey burgers #3

I want to know!

After we get a pile of recipes, I will choose three that sound particulalry promising and will test them in my own kitchen. And then, dear friends, we will announce a winner!

What will you get for winning the contest? A cookbook, of course, signed by me to you, and I will post your recipe on my blog, Facebook and Twitter. Who knows? I might even include it in my next book (with your permission, naturally).

So, send those recipes to dinnertimesurvival@gmail.com. Only one recipe per person, please. The contest closes on April 30.

Have fun! I know I will.

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