Hard to believe I have written four cookbooks. Most of my professional life has been spent in the kitchen, cooking for others or coming up with new recipes — not sitting at a computer. When I began my career, I cooked in restaurants and then I moved out of New  York and to Connecticut and cooked for customers at Aux Delices, my gourmet-take-out shops here  (www.auxdelicesfoods.com). And of course, as it grew, I cooked for my family as well. Three kids and a hungry husband who is as interested in food as I am!

Somewhere in there I found time to write the books. And I loved every word of the process! Dinnertime Survival is my favorite (for now!)

Writing a book is hard work. I won’t lie! But because cookbooks are all about sharing your experiences with others so that they can enjoy food and cooking, too, it is a good fit with what I do most of the time.

Mainly, my energies are devoted to working closely with the chefs at our four Connecticut locations and with our catering team. That’s business. When I get home, I have to work hard in a differrent way, coming up with dishes for every day meals. Sound familiar?

Dinnertime Survival has the best of the lot — although I know I will continue to have more and new ideas for at-home meals. But for  now, I hope you buy the book, enjoy the book, and most of all, cook from the book.

Four Cookbooks by Debra Ponzek

Here I am at our Westport store the other day, holding the book with the three olders ones behind me. My collaborator, Mary Goodbody, took the picture. We had a good time writing this together; she helped with the last one, too, called The Family Kitchen.

Detect a theme!?

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